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What is SEO?

squareSEOSEO, or Search Engine Optimization, considers how Internet search engines work and what people may search for. Search engines employ automated processes, sometimes called "spiders" or "bots" to "crawl" through the internet cataloging websites. These processes basically track two things: words and links. Optimizing a website primarily involves working within those two areas.

Optimizing the words in a website, both code and plain text, is often called "organic" SEO or internal SEO. It involves editing its text-based content and HTML code to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

Optimizing the links pointing to a website is often called external SEO. It involves link submissions to search engines, listings on other websites, article writing and submission, blogging, etc.

Our Approach

squareSEO is part circumstance and part science. External SEO is circumstance because of variables like how unique a particular doctor or practice name may be, how well it matches their domain name, and how many dentists are competing for attention in that location. Also factor in if they are known online in other ways via groups, articles, etc. Organic SEO is a science in that having good page titles, descriptions that match the desired search terms, and having a well organized site, is a proven practice with predictable results.

Our Dental Websites come with internal SEO included for FREE. While we can advise you on how to improve your external SEO yourself, if you want to hire it done we will refer you to a third party that specializes in external SEO.

We have seen that many of our dental websites can indeed be on the first page of a particular search, while others don't do as well. We do the same "science" for everyone, but the circumstances are less under our control. It is interesting to note that Google advises businesses to stay away from SEO companies who promote that they can guarantee top listings. Even Google, who makes most of the rules, recognizes that there are factors out of anyone's control.

Our advice is to:
  • Use a unique name. If your name is common (John Smith), then use your practice name.
  • Choose a domain name that matches what you want to be known by. This is usually either your name, your practice name, or a physical location (lasvegasdentist).
  • Pick a specific location to identify with. A neighborhood is better than a city, a city is better than a state, etc.
  • Be visible online in groups or with articles that link back to your website.
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"Getting a website for my business was one the best investments I made last year. The next best decision in the process of developing the website was contracting with the Treeline Group. Hannah Macey worked closely with me - guiding me each step of the way. The company went out of their way to accommodate my requests and give me a final product that is not only esthetically pleasing but well organized, easy to navigate and customized to my needs. I feel peaceful knowing that managing the website is only a phone call way. Thank you Treeline!" "The transfer of my site to The Treeline Group was painless and seamlessly made thanks to the help of my rep, Hannah Macey. She even made suggestions for changing the site to help with SEO and there was no extra charge. Thanks, Treeline, for the help and guidance. I have had numerous compliments about my web page."
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